Cornwall Concrete Products offers a wide range of landscaping products and services.

Our Services and Supplies Include:

  • Landscaping Services range from sodding and paving to wall and patio construction. We supply both bulk and bagged landscaping materials, and delivery services are available.
  • Ponds and Water Features are a Cornwall Concrete Products specialty. Visit our dedicated “Pond Room” to explore the possibilities. We carry a full line of pond maintenance products.
  • We supply a full range of Building Materials: House Brick and Stone, Natural Stone, Cultured Stone, Cement Block, and Interlocking Paving materials.
  • Granite Counters are available as well as granite installations for fireplaces, benches, and table tops. We arrange for professional installation of these products.
  • Fireplaces and Hearths are available from a variety of manufacturers and in a wide range of styles. Proper installation is essential for safety and maximum efficiency.
  • We supply quality Exterior Lighting equipment. We can help you plan a system for your property and arrange to have it installed by qualified technicians.
  • We stock a wide range of Garden Ornaments: Statuary, Fountains, Sundials etc. from suppliers world-wide. We can source virtually any item that you can imagine.
  • Liaison with skilled tradespeople and professional contractors ensures that your project is completed in a timely manner and to your full satisfaction.